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Fence Builders is your local expert fence contractor in Miramar and across Broward County. For decades, we have been designing award-winning fences and providing top-rated fence services to residential and commercial properties in the area. Fences are our specialty, and when you connect with our team, you will get professional fence contractors and 5-star customer service at some of the most pleasant rates in town.

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Across town, when people are in need of a fence installation, they call the Miramar Fence Builders. We have countless designs that are customized to the needs and preferences of our clients. Our have appeared in magazines because they present premier craftsmanship. Our service is second to none because we get the job done quickly, efficiently, and without breaking the bank.


Not sure what your best options are? Need an expert opinion? With so many awesome designs and styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming. This is why we have catalogue specialists and expert staff at your service to answer your questions and present you with your best options. We will find a fence that meets your budget and exceeds your expectation. Not only that, but we offer interest-free financing and payment plans to ensure that you can get your dream fence.

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Custom Fences Miramar FL

Miramar Fence Builders has a reputation for building incredible custom fences specific to your property. We only use fence materials that are hand-picked by our team because you deserve durable and beautiful fences. We manufacture these products into breathtaking fences for all kinds of occasions. Our catalogue specialists are knowledgeable and can help you compare your options.

Each one of our fence installations is done custom to your property. One of our expert fence contractors will come out to your property for a totally free of charge estimate. We will discuss with you what needs have to be met through the installation of your new fence. Our team will then take proper measurements of where you would like your new fence installation, and submit a custom proposal to you - all while being free of charge for the estimate!

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Fence Repair in Miramar Florida

Does your fence need some repairs? Don’t go with an unqualified candidate! We have heard some horror stories of DIY projects going awry or people who have hired unreliable contractors. In both scenarios, a fence wasn’t properly cared for, and as a result, the fence needs repairs. Maybe your fence needs some restoration after sustaining some external damages. From hurricanes and drunk drivers to other traumatic forces, Miramar Fence Builders has fixed it all. Our contractors have repaired thousands of fences over the years, meaning that we have the necessary experience to make your fence operational once again. What ever kind of fence repair in Miramar you may need, we have got you covered!


While some companies may try to convince you to completely replace a fence, we look for ways to salvage your fence. This is because there are many times when your repairs are minor enough to justify keeping your fence. In order to protect your fence repairs, we provide a complimentary warranty to safeguard your fence for years. Not only will your fence be as good as new, but it will also stay that way for many years.

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Fence Installation Services

Our expert team of fence contractors offers the highest rated fence installation services in Miramar Florida. Whether you need a few feet of fence repair or a large custom installation, Miramar Fence Builders is the fencing company for your job!

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Learn more what makes us the best fence installation company in Miramar Florida! From hundreds of happy customers to thousands of feet of fence installed - Call today for a free quote!

Custom Fences

We offer all common styles of fence installation including wood fences, PVC fences, chain link fencing, iron fences and pool fences. Shoot us a call today for a totally free of charge estimate to see how we can make a custom fence installation affordable to you!

Wood Fence Installation

Wood fences are a popular choice for homeowners. They are among the lowest-cost fence installations in the industry and offer incredible beauty. They can be customized into dozens of styles, and are stained and treated to maintain vitality. Our catalogue boasts some of the finest oak, maple, spruce, fir, pine, cedar, cypress, redwood, composite, and other wood options. All woods are known for lasting longer than other companies from weather damages.

PVC Fence Installation

Our polyvinyl chloride (PVC) fences are recently gaining popularity in the place of traditional fence options. With maintenance-free properties and sturdy composite materials make them excellent options for homes and commercial properties. They can be colored and shaped into plenty of designs, including the white PVC picket fence.

Chain-Link Fence Installation

Coveted for affordability and durability, chain-link fences are highly functional. They are commonly used by construction sites, sport facilities, and temporary event fencing. With great visibility, they allow parties to communicate across the fence while establishing borders. They also discourage trespassers with their trademark woven mesh styles.

Residential Fence Installation

Miramar Fence Builders offers homeowner's a quality solution to residential fence installation services. Call today for a free quote for your property to see how we have become the #1 fence company in Miramar Florida.

Commercial Fence Installation

You need to protect your place of business as it is your livelihood. We offer the highest rated commercial fence installation services you can find in Miramar! Shoot us a call and we would be happy to come out at your convenience to give you a free estimate!

Pool Fence Installation

Pool Fences are required by law in the state of Florida. Call today for a quote! We can work directly with your pool company as well to ensure the design will come out exactly as anticipated!

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Miramar Fence Builders if just a quick phone call away! All estimate are free of charge! We look forward to working with you!

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Take a look below at some of the fence installation work we have done in the past to get a feel for the high quality work you will receive with Miramar Fence Builders. We offer all custom fences and would be happy to bid your next project!

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"By far the best fence installation company I have dealt with! They made it on time to the estimate and gave a very competitive price. When it came time to install the fence, they got it done quickly and safely. Thanks Fence Builders!"

— Kyle M.

"We had a hard time getting a fence company to show up. Frank with Miramar Fence Builders not only showed up but was very pleasant to deal with. Our new fencing looks absolutely awesome! Would reccomend you to anyone looking for the best fence installation services in south Florida!"

— Jamie L.

"Really good prices and top quality selection. Would definitely use Frank again for another fence!"

— Ryan W.